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A Week in My Kitchen: October 28

October 28, 2011

I’m afraid I have no pictures at all to show you today, as this week did not happen quite as planned – but in a good way.  A friend unexpectedly went to the hospital to have her baby (!), so I stayed at her house for a couple of nights to look after her lovely pets.  She told me I could help myself to farmer’s market goodies, but no way was I about to eat the grocery stockpile of a family with a new baby, so I packed a few things.  I think flexibility is key for this menu-planning thing: I had planned to have soft polenta with roasted brussels sprouts one night this week, and green curry leftovers another night.  I threw a few eggs, the curry leftovers, brussels sprouts, and a jar of uncooked polenta into a cooler, and brought it with me.  Armed with those few things, I was able to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two days within both my budget and my meal plan.  (The office did buy lunch one day for those of us on a deadline; that was nice, and my leftovers stretched a little further.  But it’s Friday, and I still have enough leftovers for another day, so in the end the office-sponsored lunch was just a nice treat.)

Grand total? $26 on groceries, $14 on drinks with friends.  (Which, by the way, paid for 2 drinks.  Drinks ain’t cheap in San Francisco.)


Saturday: These green curry noodles, but with rice noodles from the pantry instead of the herb fettuccine called for.  A new (to me) recipe, and very tasty indeed.  I topped the dish with some quick-fried mushrooms, leftover from sauce-making last week.  As I had green curry paste in the fridge from I-won’t-admit-how-long-ago, the only things I bought for this recipe were tofu and the herbs.  This got Chris’s stamp of approval!  (The recipe doesn’t make much, though; just more than 2 meal-sized servings.)

Sunday: Ricotta-stuffed zucchini from the trusty Sunset Vegetarian Cooking.  Pay no attention to the disgusting picture on the cover.  This book holds some of my very favorite recipes, including the famous Veggie Marinade and Zucchini Frittata. (Have I told you about zucchini frittata yet?  I must do that.)  I had leftover zucchini (again from sauce-making), and of course jars of sauce in the pantry. I made the ricotta with this recipe, but halved it and left out the cream, just because I didn’t have any.  For this recipe I bought a half gallon of milk (also for drinking) and waaaaay too much spinach.

Monday: I had budgeted to check out the weekly food truck event near my house (Food trucks are the new thing, apparently – no more roach coaches!) with some friends, but everyone had to cancel.  Because I was a little obsessed with Saturday’s green curry, I decided to use up the rest of the curry paste and a bunch of the rice noodles, and throw in some increasingly depressing carrots and broccoli to round it out.  My riffing on the original recipe didn’t turn out super well – it was fine, but made 5 meals worth of food, and it was nowhere near tasty enough to be exciting for 5 different meals.  Oh, well.

Tuesday: I had planned to make a super tasty spinach and chickpeas dish, but I worked late, and ate office-supplied food.  Not optimal, but better than being hungry!

Wednesday: Housesitting – the trusty brussels sprouts and polenta.

Thursday: ditto Wednesday

Friday: Spinach and chickpeas on the menu again!

Lunches were leftovers and office-sponsored Mexican food.  Breakfasts were polenta with a fried egg and either leftover sauce from stuffed zucchini or sliced fresh tomatoes from the (teensy) garden.  Snacks were mostly apples with cheddar or pears.

Heading into next week, I’ve got a massive amount of fresh spinach to use up.  Maybe spinach pie is in my future?

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  1. Ben C permalink
    October 28, 2011 1:51 pm

    Okay, so, you’ve got a fully detailed menu of food consumed, but I’m curious about the $7 beverages! Just beer?

    • Ashley permalink*
      October 28, 2011 1:54 pm

      To be perfectly honest, one was a $10 glass of wine (cheapest thing on the menu! But we were celebrating), so I have $4 left for a happy hour beverage this evening. (Celebrating again. Our super crazy busy season is over!) I may have to dig through the purse for spare change.

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