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Green Lining

March 24, 2011

What feels like a perpetual rain cloud has settled over my little corner of the world at late, and I find myself getting a little antsy for some warmth and sunshine.  I’m trying not to complain about the weather, because (a) I’m always complaining about the lack of interesting weather in the Bay Area, so complaining when something interesting actually happens seems a little disingenuous; (b) actually, I like rain.  A lot.  I like the way it looks, and smells, and getting drenched on a rainy walk and coming home to warm clothes and hot tea and pretty much everything else about it; (c) we had a freakishly warm January, which means the rest of the country thinks I should just keep my mouth shut already; and (d) California could really use the water.  But it does get a wee bit disheartening to look at the weather forecast and see nothing but gray skies and rain for the next week.  Every week.

I’m working hard on being more present in the — well, present.  On focusing on the beauty of the moment, instead of wishing so hard for something in the future.  So instead of planning the picnic blanket I want to sew and the trips to the beach I want to take, right now I’m appreciating the rain.  And the first thing I noticed when I started paying attention?

These hills.  Most of the year, California’s rolling hills are golden brown – beautiful in their own right, but nothing like the vibrant, glowing green hills of spring.  There are only a few short months each year to appreciate this beauty, and I’m lucky enough to drive through these hills a couple of times each week for work.  So today, instead of just driving by, I pulled off at a rest stop and did some serious appreciating.

These hills?  They’re my silver green lining.

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  1. April 1, 2011 1:40 pm

    That green is just gorgeous! I can’t wait for green like that!!


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