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Weekend in Wool

March 21, 2011

It’s been a damp and dreary few weeks here in the Bay Area, and the forecast for last weekend was more (much more) of the same.  In the face of such inclement weather (It snowed nearby!  Stop the presses!), I did what any sensible knitter should do.  We battened down the figurative hatches, ordered a pizza, and pulled out the wool.

I’ve recently rescued a pair of socks from hibernation in the recesses of the stash – they’re the Snowflake Lace Socks, and I thought they would be a more comfortable alternative to pretty lacy stockings.  Though I began them with a mad fervor, when I discovered that no matter how fine my gauge, they’re still socks and will likely not fit well into my girliest shoes, I got a bit discouraged and moved on to other things.  I’m in the grip of a finishing fever lately though, so these came out to join the fun with only one foot and toe left to knit.  I was very glad I had them along on Saturday, when a serious traffic jam on the way home from the farmer’s market had me stuck on the highway with the engine off.  Bonus points?  I found a pair of (slightly less girly) shoes that they fit in perfectly.

I spent most of my crafting time wrestling with the last details of another project long in the making.  There have been wee glimpses of it here and here, and as it really deserves a post all its own when it’s finished, I’ll just share one more peek for now:

(If you’re interested, it’s the Knit Child’s Raglan Cardigan from Lion Brand Patterns, with a few changes.)

Last, and most exciting for me, is my very first second adult-sized sweater.  The first sweater I tried my hand at was an unparalleled failure, since the back somehow grew five inches between binding off and seaming.  I shoved the project out of sight, where it’s stayed for nearly five years, and has haunted all my sweater-knitting dreams since.  But no more.  Armed with the Knitter’s Book of Handy Sweater Patterns, some very pretty Cascade Eco +, and Lily’s boundless (I hope) assistance, I have cast on.

Knitting gods willing, soon this will be Shalom.  Wish me luck.

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