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Weekend Making

February 28, 2011

We’ve had a bit of a cold snap here in the Bay Area (Snow was forecast!  We’re such wimps.), which was just fine by me, as it meant lots of indoor time for making:

~ Bread.  By hand.  With moderate success.  (Good bread, by the way, is my Everest.  No matter how many other kitcheny tasks I dive into without fear – pie crust? no problem – light, airy, moist bread eludes me.  I blunder stubbornly on.)

~ Chocolate fondue and tangerine cake for dipping

~ A long-overdue yarny (Christmas – ahem) gift for my grandma (details soon)

~ Cabbage and potatoes.  Twice.  (Recipe forthcoming.)

~ Homemade lotion

~ Hummus and pita bread (a resounding success)

~ Newspaper seedling pots, and lots of dreams about my very first home-grown tomatoes

All in all, I’d say a very successful weekend.  But maybe we could have snow next time?


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