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Laundry Cheer

February 24, 2011

I love mason jars.  I really do.  I use them for all sorts of things – leftovers, fresh flowers, dry goods, the list goes on.  But they’re not awesome for clothespin storage.  I mean, the jar of clothespins certainly looks picturesque sitting there on my dining room windowsill, but when it comes time to actually hang the laundry, I prefer something that’s impossible for the puppy to knock over.  And something that will actually hold all of the clothespins would be nice, too.  I googled “hanging clothespin bag,” and wow – there’s a lot out there!  Someone actually went to the trouble of compiling a list of free tutorials for clothespin bags, which certainly made my job a lot easier.  This tutorial had the look I was aiming for, so I went rooting through the stash and pulled out a couple of cheerful fabrics.

I had no bias tape on hand, and refused to buy any (I’m stubborn like that), so, armed with this tutorial, I rolled up my sleeves and spent an entire evening figuring out how to make it myself.  (The tutorial is great, by the way – lots of pictures, clear instructions.  I just happen to have a lot of trouble visualizing how bias tape comes together.  Something to do with failing geometry in the 10th grade.  I think.)  I was so proud of the end result that I was tempted to immediately start a second batch, but I held back in favor of getting a full night’s sleep.

See that bias tape? I'm just tickled!

This bag took me two full evenings of sewing to finish, but that was largely due to the bias tape-related stubbornness.  I strongly suspect there’s an easier way to construct it (something to do with sewing the lining and outer fabric together, and then turning inside out?), but I didn’t feel like spending even more mental energy to figure it out, and in the end, this turned out just fine.

And it works!  Beautifully, in fact.  It holds all the clothespins I have, with lots of room to spare; it hangs out of reach of the puppy; and it makes hanging the laundry much smoother.  Plus, I think it’s pretty, and that never hurts.

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