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On the Line

February 8, 2011

Late last summer, armed with a length of rope left behind by previous tenants, Lily’s helpful hands, and my characteristic stubbornness, I strung my very first clothesline.  Of course I’ve let clothes air dry in the past, but always on a collapsible drying rack set conveniently next to the washing machine.  And usually it’s the more delicate items that get the natural treatment – everything else is unceremoniously tossed into the dryer with nary a second thought.  But I’ve always loved the way a clothesline looks, and after hearing my grandma’s stories, I wanted the fresh scent of line-dried sheets – which definitely won’t fit on my collapsible rack.  We used the line somewhat sporadically, only when I remembered to start a load of wash first thing on a weekend morning or when there was extra time before work.  It didn’t exactly become a habit, and suddenly it was winter.  Fast forward a couple months, to January and a new electricity bill, complete with a 50% rate hike from the same time last year.  Ouch.  Between my student loans and a few things down the road we’re saving for (and, you know, that pesky environment thing), extra cash for the power company is not in the budget, so we’re making a few changes about how we use power around here.  Enter our friend the clothesline.  We took full advantage of the absolutely beautiful (and completely unseasonable) weekend weather, and I’m proud to announce that of the 4 loads of laundry I did this weekend, not one thing went in the dryer.  Zip, zilch, nada.  It feels great.

And you know what?  Those line-dried sheets really do smell incredible.


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