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Aunt Ashley – Again!

January 27, 2011
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My sister is a very useful person.  Five years ago, she made a little person for me to cover with knitted things, and now, she’s done it again.  That’s right, folks – come June, there will be a Brand New Person in our midst, in need of all manner of handcrafts.  Since I usually have way more enthusiasm than is probably safe for one person, I was at my neighborhood Joann Fabric within about an hour of my sister’s announcement.  (Speaking of which, does anyone know of a better place to buy fabric on the San Francisco peninsula?  Joann is… lacking.)  I bought fabric for these, wish-listed this, and dove headfirst into a set of these:

They’re the Simple Bib from Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing, which is indeed very simple.  Though I don’t have kids myself, bibs with a pocket to catch stray Cheerios and other baby debris seem like a Very Good Idea, so with some trial and error I modified the Simple Bib to include a bottom pocket.  And really, it was still very simple – the only tricky part was figuring out in which order and with which sides facing to sew the different layers.

The fronts are generic quilting cotton from Joann, in the most interesting gender-neutral prints I could find.  (I suppose the parasol print isn’t especially gender-neutral, but whatever – it’s pretty, and the baby won’t know the difference.)  For the backing, I used a white flannel sheet I picked up at a rummage sale.  They’re totally machine-washable, and I did my best to pick saturated, busy prints – a must for anything that’s intended to be a barrier between a baby and a spoonful of pureed beets.

I used a very simple snap setter (we’re talking about a little plastic mold and a hammer) to make the snap closures, and I’m pleased to say that they certainly seem sturdy.  Whether the snaps can hold up to impatient pulling from little hands remains to be seen.

I made these assembly-line style, and once I had the pocket figured out, they just flew.  I must say, a whole stack of pretty bibs makes for a pretty satisfying afternoon of sewing.  If they turn out to be as functional as they were fun to make, I predict there will be more of these in my crafting future.

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