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December 2, 2010

This is the year I will not be cold.

First, a disclaimer: I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, famous for unseasonably chilly summers and mild winters.  It very, very rarely drops below freezing, and the last time it snowed here was in 1976.  And I love the seasons, and really wish San Francisco’s were more distinct.  So I know I can’t really complain, not really.


In San Francisco, it’s cold inside.  Because we have largely mild weather, homes and offices (well, my office anyway) aren’t well-insulated – the chill outside creeps in through the walls and practically blows in through cracks under doors and single-paned windows.  In the apartment where I lived during law school, sometimes you could see your breath inside, and drinking from a glass of water left overnight on the nightstand would definitely give you some serious brain freeze.  (For the record, that’s not super uncommon.  And it was a relatively nice apartment.)  It’s been in the forties outside most mornings of late, which, while not so bad in the grand scheme of things, is pretty chilly.  And once you’re chilled, good luck warming up inside.  But since our high temperatures are so mild, I usually think, “Hey, I’ll be comfortable in jeans and a jacket, right?”  It took a weekend in a snowy Yosemite for me to realize that I was a lot warmer and more comfortable dressed appropriately in knee-deep snow than I am standing on the train platform on my way to work every day.  So this winter, I pledge to ignore the voice that tells me what I should be comfortable wearing, and wear what will actually keep me warm.

Enter wool.

I made these last year (they’re the Knotty Gloves made in to fingerless mitts, knit in Cascade Heritage), but for some reason never got around to photographing and blogging them.  They are an integral piece of my stay-warm resolution, since they let me keep my hands toasty even when I’m fishing for my train pass or eating breakfast on the run.  Or, come to think of it, when sitting in my office avoiding the draft from under the door.  This week, I’ve combined them with other handknit woolies (socks, scarf, and – just sometimes – hat), for the most comfortable San Francisco-wintery week ever.

Now that I’m properly bundled, could we have some snow, please?

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