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Instant-Gratification Crafting

November 16, 2010

Oh, my,  it’s nice to be back in this space.  The last month been a stress-inducing blur, as we finish the last weeks of our busiest months at at work, Chris starts a new job, and the holiday season (hands down my very favorite time of year) sneaks up.  While I’m mostly just proud that our home hasn’t descended into squalor and the bills are all paid on time, I have managed to squeeze in some making: cooking, of course (soup! granola!), knitting, and even a wee bit of sewing.  There hasn’t been much energy left for writing, though (see above re: squalor, bills, job), so I’ve got lots to share.

First up, coasters!  I made these a month or so ago, when I first embarked on my love affair with my sewing machine.  They’re the “Clever Coasters” from Amy Karol‘s Bend the Rules Sewing, and I love them, in part because they make me feel very thrifty.  They’re made with fabric I found at a rummage sale (the main blue fabric and flannel lining) and scraps that I had lying around and couldn’t bear to toss out (contrast fabric).

As a beginner with the whole sewing thing, this was a great project – I learned about cutting perfect squares, lining, and attaching contrast fabric for interest.  Plus, it was almost instant gratification, as I churned out the set in a few hours of work.  (Yes, I know that’s actually kind of a long time for sewing together small squares, but things tend to take a little longer when you have to consult your sewing machine manual every 10 minutes.  Beginner, remember?)

These have gotten regular use around our house, as they very conveniently match our (small) collection of napkins and placemats.  We keep a couple on the new/old coffee table, too, and I may or may not have snuck one out to keep in my office.  I’m so pleased with them, I’ve been thinking about making more for holiday gifts.

In the spirit of these coasters and last-minute holiday crafting, let’s hear it – does anyone else have any go-to instant-gratification crafting projects?

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