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Old Things, New Purpose

September 29, 2010

Moving in to this house has been a process.  We landed here more than a year ago, but we’re still working on making this house a home.  We tend to only embark on home improvement projects when we’re hosting a party, and since we’re a house full of introverts, parties don’t happen very often.  Last February, we invited Chris’ sister over for dinner, which inspired a new set of cafe curtains in the kitchen.  This last Memorial Day weekend found the three of us (finally!) buying a dining room table and standing on the furniture to hang newly-framed art hours before our barbeque began.

When we moved in, we badly needed a coffee table, but we were short on time and funds, so we settled for a $20 Ikea table that threatened to collapse every time someone put their feet on it.  Last weekend, it was our turn to host the monthly rotating potluck some friends of ours started, and the inevitable home improvement began.

We kept things pretty tame this time, only mounting a hanging spice rack and fixing up this old trunk, also known as our new coffee table.  I found it Saturday morning at a garage sale, and by Sunday evening, it had gone from this:

to this:

Note the omnipresent puppy in the top right photo.

The man we purchased it from was selling the remnants of his parents’ estate, and said that the trunk was found holding a collection of vintage aprons, crocheted tablecloths, and a newspaper dated 1911.   We can’t be sure how old the trunk is, but I can’t help hoping it’s been around for a long time.  I like to think about the kind of person who might have owned it, traveled with it, and packed it full of their own memories.  And I’d like to think they would appreciate that it’s getting a new life with us.


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