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Knitting Olympics, 6 Months Later

September 7, 2010

I began the Knitting Olympics, as I do most things, with lots of enthusiasm and plenty of (possibly) unrealistic optimism.  I was sure that, if I really tried, I could complete my very first laceweight project before the deadline, despite my busybusy work schedule.  After all, there’s all that commute time on the train, and who really needs that much sleep, anyway?  Turns out, I do.

I finally finished my Seascape Scarf (Ravelry link) just before we left for Europe for a family wedding in May, during which I’d planned to give the finished scarf to my grandma.  I blocked it on the bed in our (teeny tiny) hotel room in London and gift-wrapped it in my cousin’s living room in Heidelberg, Germany, where it eventually found its way to Grandma.  Though I’d purchased the yarn and planned the project for her birthday 2 years ago, this turned out to be sort of perfect timing – my grandparents continued their trip through Eastern Europe, where they encountered unseasonably cold weather.  I am assured that the Seascape Scarf (knit in yummy – and affordable! – Malabrigo Lace) was a welcome wardrobe addition.

I couldn’t be happier.

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