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Ten Things

April 22, 2010

Yesterday was one of those days.  Not a terrible, horrible, no-good very bad kind of day – not even just a plain old bad day.  Just one of those days where it doesn’t feel exactly safe to be out and about in the world, since apparently I’m not firing on all cylinders.  One of those days where the best idea is to crawl back under the covers until tomorrow to avoid minor mishaps like, oh, setting the house on fire.  Between leaving my phone on the train (They called my mom to say it was at the lost and found, but when I went to pick it up this evening, the (very kind) lost-and-found staff had no idea what I was talking about.), misplacing my driver’s license, missing knit night while trying to find said phone, and being away from home from 7:30 in the morning until 9:30 in the evening, I’m in need of a little pick-me-up.  To that end, and with some inspiration from Amanda over at, here are some things that have made me happy this week.

( Incidentally, did you know that concealer does pretty much the opposite of concealing when you smear it on your shirt?  I checked.)

1. Sangria.  Extra points for drinking it on the sunny front porch while shelling peas with excellent company.

2. A (finally) tidy desk and tea in a pretty mug.

3. Looking forward to vacation and treasured family traditions.

4. Forecasted rainy days that turn out beautifully springtime-y.  Also the view from my office window.

5. An awesome mama who’s willing to lend me her sewing machine to learn with.

6. This awesome clock on the street outside my office. (The plaque reads: “One of the finest street clocks in America.  Dedicated to the public of San Francisco.)

7. Taqueria dates with Chris.

8. Big bags of fabric found on craigslist for $5.

9. The view from a roof-less convertible, rented for work purposes and therefore free to me. (Yes, they let me rent it without my driver’s license.  I know these guys.  They rock.)

10. My polarizer.

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