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Bends in the Road

April 13, 2010

With the exception of the changing seasons, I’m not a big fan of change.  In fact, I pretty much suck at it most of the time.  Given the option, I’d prefer to move comfortably along in my little groove, doing essentially the same things day to day and year to year.  However, they say the only sure things in life are death and taxes, and while I know I’m not the first to add change to that list, I can certainly echo the sentiment.  There’s been some change happening around these parts over the last several months, and while it’s almost all good stuff (new and better responsibilities at work, best friend as a new roomie, new ideas and changing thoughts about priorities and my place in the world), it’s still change, and I still suck at it.  My response to change is usually to withdraw, to stay (both literally and figuratively) close to home.  Hence, my extended silence around here.  But I’ve been considering community lately – its place in my life, how I feel when I don’t have it, and to what extent I’m willing to come out of my introverted shell to find it.  And so I’m making an effort: attending (and loving) the weekly knit night at the yarn store near my home, learning the names of the vendors at the local farmer’s market, and posting here.  Because a sense of community, whether tangible or electronic, is one of the things that makes me tick.  No grand promises of posting 3 times a week (because over-committing myself is something else I’m working on), but if anyone’s out there still reading this, I’ll try to pop in when I have a few free moments.  In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been up to this winter.

(Aside: Lily mentioned a New York Times op-ed she read recently which states that “the daily activity most injurious to happiness is commuting.”  I thought this was overstating things a bit until I stopped to consider how draining my 1-hour-each-way train and bus commute is every day.  I now think the Times is likely right, but since at least for the foreseeable future my commuting destiny remains unchanged, I’m in search of ways to make it a happy part of my day.)

Jess and Lily. Two of my very favorites. They know way too much about me. (At Jess's birthday party in December.)

Colorado + Christmas + Nephew + SO MUCH SNOW = Wonderful.

Valentine's Day with Chris. Pub, beach, and Santa Cruz taqueria - very "us."

At an awesome local winery in February.

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