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On Stubbornness.

February 17, 2010

Getting acquainted with yourself is a funny thing.  You think you know yourself pretty well, for example, when one day it begins to dawn on you that you might have a stubborn streak.  So you ask the people who know you best if maybe they’ve noticed said stubborn streak – and one by one, they answer a resounding, “YES.”

I was a little surprised when a couple of people (ahem~everyone who knows me) saw a lot more stubbornness in me than I’d ever seen in myself, so I did a little self-evaluating.  And I realized not only that they might be on to something, but that for most of my life, I have gotten through a large portion of every day based on sheer force of will.  I decide that something is or shall be a certain way, and refuse to admit other possibilities.  For a long time I thought of this as optimism, until I realized that deciding that a square peg will fit in a round hole isn’t so much optimism as pig-headedness.

Enter the Knitting Olympics.

17 16 15 14 13 12 days.  687 yards of laceweight.  My first laceweight project.  A demanding work schedule culminating in a fundraiser I am heavily involved in planning.  And me, knitting frantically, hoping no one else notices that there are no clean clothes and that I’m living mostly on tangerines.*

This was the stole on Valentine's Day. This is still accurately-sized.

What?  I still have 12 days.  I can totally do this.

*Honestly, I could think of worse things to be living on.  These are some seriously good tangerines.  And there may have been some beer.

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