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I May Have a Problem

March 25, 2009

I don’t have kids. Which I think is fairly obvious from the above picture – both socks were intended for a newborn. Evidently I have no idea how big baby feet are.

Exhibit A:

This sock, the very first sock I ever made, was knitted for my nephew pretty much the moment I found out my sister was pregnant. As my nephew is now three, when I made this sock my enthusiasm far exceeded my skills (and, obviously, my knowledge of infant anatomy). Believe it or not, I made this sock following a pattern which I purposely resized because I thought the sock would be much too large. I was enormously proud of myself when I bound off the toe, feeling I’d made an appropriately sized vessel of warmth for my new nephew’s feet. The fact that the cuff of the sock fits almost snugly around my index finger didn’t faze me – newborns are tiny, right? The rude awakening came in the form of my sister, who while touched, couldn’t stop laughing when I showed her the microscopic sock. Apparently it was obvious to her that the resident in her belly was a wee bit bigger than I’d estimated. Whoops.

Incidentally, this sock got a good laugh out of the Yarn Harlot during her visit to Santa Rosa last October. (Scroll down to the first sock brigade.)

Exhibit B:

Clearly I’ve been disabused of my apparent belief that the average newborn can fit in a coffee cup. This sock, for which I cast on FOUR TIMES yesterday (the first attempt was almost twice as large as this one), will at least fit the potential baby it’s intended for – the question is, will it fit before he or she is 10?

Can someone loan me their kid so I can measure its feet?

P.S. – Googling “baby leg circumference” is not helpful. But it is kind of creepy.

E.T.A.: My friend Lily suggested I google “how big is a baby’s foot” – I took her suggestion, and found this blog post.  Norma, I completely empathize.  Thanks for the laugh.


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